b.tempt’d Spring Summer 14

Be tempted to make your underwear do the talking, as b.tempt’d adds spring/summer shades to the current colourful complementary sets. With Hot Coral, Shocking Pink, Twilight, Dresden Blue, Purple Cactus Flower, Pink Dogwood and Crystal Rose, this playful lingerie brand brings bright and bold hues to your underwear collection.

How delightful, b.tempt’d introduces b.delight’d! Featuring a cut and sew demi contour bra (A-DD), strapless bra with lace, and seamless bra with memory foam (B-DDD), the stretch lace and dramatic petal neckline is complemented by the skirted thong and tanga.

Treasure Chest really is a new find from b.tempt’d. The graduated pads make the most of your cup size with A cups receiving MAXIMUM support, B and C MEDIUM and D to DD offered moderate support. Sold alongside the matching bikini brief, the coquettish shades of Iron/Rose Smoke and Au Natural/Ivory cream are available amongst spring fresh fashion shades.

Not to be left in the dark, b.tempt’d Ciao Bella and Lace Kiss introduce new line extensions with ¾ bras to give bustier looks in small, medium and large sizes.